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Evacuation Order

To recieve an evcuation order please use this link:
"Automated notification sign up"

If you are signed up for the emergency alerts, please add this phone number to your phone: 303-441-1400. Evacuation alerts will come from this number.

What should you do when you receive an evacuation order? There are different evacuation notifications: pre-evacuation and mandatory evacuation notices. If you receive a pre-evacuation notice, start to gather your essentials in preparation to evacuate. When you receive a mandatory evacuation, it is time to go.

If you decide not to evacuate

Once a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for your area, the County has done its job and is not going to ask you to evacuate a second time.
Power is likely to be turned off, so your garage door motor will not open the garage door, and your well, refrigerator, and electric stove tops will not work.
Phone lines may not work to make a call. 911 calls may be handled by a fire team and response may be delayed or unavailable.
If you decide to leave your house once the fire is visible, roads may already be compromised by fire/smoke. Smoke can be so thick that driving becomes unsafe for you and others on the road.
Remaining in your home puts firefighters at additional risk. If you decide to escape during the fire, you become a hazard to firefighters working and traveling on the road. You will cause additional stress and concern for firefighters if you stay in your house, putting them at risk if they try to help you during the fire.
Fire along a road

Information on Evacuations

Keep these six "P's" ready in case immediate evacuation is required:
    People and pets
    Papers, phone numbers, and important documents
    Prescriptions, vitamins, and eyeglasses
    Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia
    Personal computer hard drive and disks
    "Plastic" (credit cards, ATM cards) and cash

Before ever being asked to evacuate

    Have a check list of what to take with you, (in paper form in case the power goes/is out)
    Make a video of everything in your house in case you need it for an insurance claim
    Store your video in a safe deposit box or with someone far enough away to not be affected by the same disaster
    Make copies of receipts and store them off site
    Know all your evacuation route options

Links to more information

This is a great informational page on evacuating

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Bring your own brigade

We know it is stressful and scary to evacuate your home. Please have a plan on where to go, a check list of what to take and leave when asked.

Thank You from Sunshine Fire Protection District