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Sunshine FPD Standard Operating Guidelines


These Sunshine FPD Standard Operational Guidelines, SOGs should be followed by all Sunshine department members. As the title suggests, these are guidelines. These guidelines are for the safety of all our members and the public we serve. These Guidelines will continue to evolve and we will work on improving them. Deviations from these guidelines need to be well thought out and justifiable. Deviations could be dangerous which may lead to an investigation by the officers of the department into the situation. Deviations may lead to improving this guideline, a learning opportunity, additional training, or in extreme cases, to firefighter termination.
Our mutual aid partners have their own SOGs or SOPs, and we do not expect them to know or follow our SOGs. Our members should follow our SOGs and help our responding agencies with our local knowledge where our SOGs will help out on the call.

For changes to these SOGs, please go to the Contact information for SFPD and click the web admin button to send an email with your suggested changes.

1-Responding to Calls in Sunshine

Call records: How to Record Calls and Call Form as a Word File or PDF File.
Boulder County Patient Report Form, you will also need to do a narrative to complete this report.